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The end of time

Ok, what fool decided ending daylight savings was a “good idea”? some twat that’s who! I bet the same twat wont have to crash tackle the alarm clock before it wakes the rest of the house up too. arsehole hope his cornflakes are forever soggy!

How am I meant to readjust the blobbies waking/feeding schedule? It’s taken long enough to get them into the groove they are in now. Wake at 8 feed at 8.30 Nap at 9.30 etc etc etc. I am NOT looking forward to getting my dimpled arse out of bed at what will 6 but really is 5am in “real time” to get Hairy off to work with his lunch made. I’m going to be a cranky zombie for a few weeks.  hell I’m already pissy about it and it’s still a couple of weeks away.

What bright spark didn’t think this through too well?

Sure the blobbies will be going to bed at what will be 7pm this is a good thing right? wrong!  that wont work because Hairy wont get home in time to bath and do the last feed of the night and that is his time with the blobbies. Yep he loves doing that with them. so it looks like the blobbies will lose out on an  hours sleep whats the bet they will be pedantic lil farts and not want to sleep an extra hour longer in the mornings. they do these things to spite me you know.

I never gave any thought to this pre-blobbies I was blissfully self absorbed but now.. now.. whole other story!

A penis haver had to have thought up this plan.