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Hey look a whole year

Has gone and I haven’t posted! Now there’s a surprise huh.

The Blobbies turned 2 on the 27th of last month, my beautiful babies are now beautiful toddlers.

I love the age they are at, it’s such a cute, funny, crazy loving age. Yeah they’ve had tanties but who hasn’t. Yeah they can be demanding but meh so can I. But the hugs and laughs and joy they bring far out weigh any crappy moment.

We got married on the 28th of last month, kinda thought we’d go all mainstream and legal after 10+ years together, who knows it may even work lol.

and now the annual blobbie photo, new and improved because we’re in it, shame Belle kept untying my dress but  it’s only a dress…

whoops there used to be a photo here

Blobbies stats… still in 97%tile for little prems they are kicking some growth chart arse!


NT Scan

It’s been a couple of weeks so here i am to update this blog.

We had our NT scan today, talk about stress levels they went through the roof. I couldn’t sleep last night i was so worried we’d have our scan and see a huge number on one or both of the blobs. Or my worst fear no heartbeats detected, i’ve grown attached to the blobbies, anyway instead of my gloom and doom predictions we had great scan readings wooohooo! Both blobbies measure 12 weeks 1 day so are 1 day ahead of schedule. was kinda cool ok really cool to see the miniature people they actually look almost human *gasp* , the scan was really thorough and we watched delighted as twin b kicked twin a in the head a few times.

Now never one to let myself get too excited i then promptly went on to stress out about the blood results. Our appointment with our OB was for straight after the scan, so we went and had a coffee first. Hey a girl has to get worked up in style. OK fine it was my delaying tactic and it worked. however by the time we wandered into the obs office it was empty. praise the great jelly bean no preg bellies being rubbed in the waiting room.

So in we go. I had my blood pressure taken, last time it was 140/90 today it was 120/80. not sure what happened there, maybe i didn’t work up enough stress this week? Then onto the important stuff. Risk of Downs and other Trisomies both babes were in the1 in  21/39000 range for all the tris except Downs that was at 980 for twin b and twin a 688. We’re happy with that, the Ob is happy with that, the lab is happy with that, the geneticist is happy with that.
So NO CVS or Amnio for me!!! and more importantly i’ll say it again we are happy with that.

I had a cervix check while there, it’s looking good no change from last time and i now have 4 weeks to stress and worry my way through until our next OBs appointment.

I can officially say we’re pregnant now and not duck for cover from a purpose built lightening bolt.

next up my post about using Donor Eggs. see if i write it here i have to finish it and hit publish otherwise i’ll just never get around to finishing it.


So i had my 10 week ultrasound the other day, I did my usual panic about finding out it was only going to be bad news. but lo and behold only good news was to be had. BlobA measured 10weeks BlobB measured 10weeks 1 day. I’m rather happy with that result both were moving around a la Will Smith. Both heartbeats were great what more could a girl want?

WELL good news seems somehow i don’t know strange to take, so being my crafty self I arrived home and promptly set about checking out the US pics the doc gave us. BlobB is your sac too small? it looks at least half the size of BlobAs sac and rather well rather squishy. Does this spell doom? Probably not but  can you spell P.A.R.A.N.O.I.A? I sure as hell can.

I know in my head if something were amiss with the sac size I’d have been told at the time of the ultrasound instead I got released from my RE. yes a moments silence is a great idea.

So thats it I’ve been dumped by my most favourite person ever my faithful RE, the one person i could count on to be there for me has decided i’m no longer his #1.  I bet it was that blonde bitch in the waiting room i bet she has sidled up to him, she of the miniskirt and non drug affected figure! the bitch.  I hope she gets the cold gel.

Next appointment on the 9th for my NT scan and discussion with my OB. how strange does it feel to say “my OB” like i have a right to use one?

Other than that I’m happy still sick all day, still puffy with fluid from that bizarre *OHSS*but happy. now what to obsess about? did i feel a weird twinge just then?

* must remember to write that up sometime.

buckle up

well well well, never let it be said i’m overly perky in fact i’m far from perky. It’s 5.30am and I’m killing time right now waiting for my RE’s office to open so I can call up and see if I can get in for a scan.

I knew everything was going way too well. I started spotting yesterday morning but a nasty bout of m/sickness kicked my arse and I spent the day in bed being miserable, end result I didn’t do anything about the spotting or finding out if i could get in to see my doc. But it’s now today and the bloody smears have continued only now it’s red and just “there” no straining required just wipe and voila.  i need to know if these blobs are ok or if they karked it sometime since the last scan.

Part of me doesn’t want to go and find out this crazy ride is over but the other part of me the larger more needy part NEEDS to know. So find out I will
I’m 9 weeks this wednesday  is it so much to ask that sooner rather than later drama gives me a wide berth and leaves me alone?

Fancy meeting you here

Of all the gin joints in all the world, you walked into mine.

Ok I don’t drink gin, well I used too I loved a good G&T with a lime wedge. But those days are gone for awhile.

I like my new blog, i like the colours and i like how pristine it is, untouched by rant/drama/sadness and of course joy. So far only I know it exists and there is something about that that gives a small thrill. I can say what i want, when i want and if anyone is offended it’s only me and i know where the back button is.

So what brings me here, well i blame DinoD for that, and if you find your way here i suggest you blame her too. NO warnings are going to be posted here i did decide that much. I’m knocked up and hope to remain this way for oh 7 months give or take a few weeks.

Well thats the first post over and done with, now i just need to work out how to introduce the blobs, my insanity and all 23 of my other personalities. so much to type so little time to do it.