Surely it hasn’t been that long?

I’m forgetting what that felt like to fail so completely at getting pg, to produce dozens of eggs and have maybe 2 at transfer if I were lucky. Canceled cycles, blood tests, tears, fears, anger, sadness it was my life but I’m sitting here and I know that it will always be a part of who I am but it’s not all I am anymore.(more I want to say on this another time)

I can raise my eyes to level and see the blobbies in the backyard with water pistols (yes I’m an evil mother I enjoy listening to my kids laugh whilst brandishing guns) squirting each other and poor Sam (dog) who can’t move quite fast enough to get away from them and Hairy who is doing his best to pretend they are in trouble, they are having a ball out there.

That’s my life now and while we have concerns and fears occasional glimpses of sadness and latent anger it’s minor and fleeting.  Has enough time really passed that saying I’m HAPPY really means I’m happy not just lip service? stuff knows really but wow it feels good.

Now the object of my affection and the best medicine there is…. My blobbies at 2years 1 week (adjusted age) oh Jack’s head really isn’t wonky my  phototaking skills are rather lacking.


6 responses to “Surely it hasn’t been that long?

  1. I already commented – so where is it? Hum? Are you deleting my thought provoking musings?

  2. Anyway, what I said on my deleted comment was that you have made a mistake … a big, BIG MISTAKE. For the love of Pete … you have given us pictures where we can actually SEE (as in see with our own eyes) your lovely offspring. Didn’t you mean to insert tiny little postage stamp pictures with fuzzy bloblike figures that can barely be discerned from the background? Huh? Huh?
    Oh and yes, they are lovely.. I don’t believe they keep you that busy at all – they’re always angels I’m sure.

    (Perhaps I’ll start commenting everyday and slowly take over your blog that way)

  3. weird your comment didn’t even show up in spam.

    But yeah I tried to make them smaller but “apparently” it’s illegal to bonsai children, i say if it’s good enough for kittens it’s good enough for my kids! bloody liberal party poopers.

    Perfect angels 24/7 are my two. Never a tanty or a scuffle over who has control of the toy some thoughtless fool only gave us 1 of.

    Now see there I have made 2 posts within one reply comment, that had I been blogging more would have upset at least 50% of my readers, so please do me a favour and get all offended and then tell yourself to chill it’s only an innnanet comment.

    My comment was post length worthy I’m slipping.

  4. Huh….? What? hey, keep it down you two. I can’t concentrate on memorizing the blobbies for the next time I’m down under and feel the need to double the size of my family while you’re passed out on the roofie-drugged margarita I made you drink.

  5. Lovely babies and even more lovely banter. We miss you!

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