Hey look a whole year

Has gone and I haven’t posted! Now there’s a surprise huh.

The Blobbies turned 2 on the 27th of last month, my beautiful babies are now beautiful toddlers.

I love the age they are at, it’s such a cute, funny, crazy loving age. Yeah they’ve had tanties but who hasn’t. Yeah they can be demanding but meh so can I. But the hugs and laughs and joy they bring far out weigh any crappy moment.

We got married on the 28th of last month, kinda thought we’d go all mainstream and legal after 10+ years together, who knows it may even work lol.

and now the annual blobbie photo, new and improved because we’re in it, shame Belle kept untying my dress but  it’s only a dress…

whoops there used to be a photo here

Blobbies stats… still in 97%tile for little prems they are kicking some growth chart arse!


6 responses to “Hey look a whole year

  1. Well, it’s about time:
    1) for you to post
    2) for you to show some new pictures of the blobbies
    3) for you to get married, you tart, you!

  2. yup thats me ho jen! dont ask for photos of the blobbies I have several quintrillion of them and I’m not afraid to use them. 🙂

  3. I was going to just ignore this post and REFUSE TO COMMENT dammit. Could you find a photo that was smaller or less distinct (and we have a BIG MONITOR). I mean, really….. are you secretly famous or something or what the (*$&*&(^!@$)(*
    GGrrrr – I post photos you can peruse the slightest details – like poor garden weeding and small skin blemishes and what do I get in return? Some tiny picture with a feeble claim that its you and your family.
    (*)&$#(*%&#_)* oh wait, I already said that.
    Anyway, nice to see you posting 🙂


  4. yup I tried to post just a thumbnail sized photo but took pity on you oldies and went with the slightly larger than a postage stamp size. I think it works adds to my hit or miss appeal.

    Besides I know you had to comment because you missed me and my brilliant writing style 🙂 if you look closely you’ll see i used several punctuation marks and a rather haphazard collection of upper case letters.

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