Blobbie Birthday #1

Today the blobbies turned 1 did you read that ONE my babies are a whole 365 days old.

Time has flown by and I’m finding myself stunned that they aren’t only at most 4 months old.  Both continue to be mega stars in the eating sleeping playing depts. they eat everything so far we haven’t, no wait thats a lie, I did find one thing they don’t like, salmon.  but who can blame them I’m not a fan either.  Sleep as always is not an issue down for the night at 7pm up for the day between 7.30 and 8am with 2 solid naps during the day allowing me time to whirlwind thru the house righting the paths of destruction they’ve created.

Jackybear is growing up so fast, he’s our calm mover and shaker of the two.  If theres a pillow to climb over, a lap to be sat on, or a weird new implement of torture errr toy to play with he’s there first every time.  He loves his mum and is the proverbial mummas boy.  I love it.  something so wonderful about bubba snuggles.  He is standing up cruising the furniture, he will in fact if you stand still too long attempt and succeed in pulling himself up to stand beside you.  I’ve since stopped wearing flowy hippy type elastic waisted skirts because far too often he’s managed to leave me standing there sans skirt.  As I said he’s a mover and shaker, so it goes without saying he was also the first one to come to harm.  I heard a fleshy thud turned around and said the usual, you’re ok up you get jackybear, only to notice that the inhale was rather long. Now all you mums already know that the longer the inhale the louder the scream to follow it.  I scooped him up checked him over … nothing… then it started, a nose bleed.  man can noses bleed.  No lasting harm done but now I know the dif between a oops i fell on my bum thud and a omph nose meet floorboard thud.  He’s language skills are on par for his adjusted age, he has the usual mumma mum mum thing down pat, the dada, the uh oh and assorted vowel sounds but he also sings whenever music is playing and a song comes on he likes he sings along bounces his little chubba bubba body about and gets into it. (by sings I really means makes noise.  I’m a proud mum but hey even I know what the dif between singing and noise is.  Jackybear now sports an impressive set of chompers 5 thru with one on it’s way to being more than a sharp little corner poking thru. the opposite of Bellabird his are two on the top with four on the bottom. all the better chomp a finger with.  He is the typical boofy boy weighing in at a respectable 11.5kilo he’s at the 95%tile for his age

Bellabirdy our drama queen is beyond funny, she’s hilarious everything with her is OTT, a smile or giggle HAS to be accompanied with arm/hand motions or sound effects with Bellabird her whole body smiles and laughs along with her. Lately she enjoys pretending to choke first few times it had me worried now it’s just her little game, cough choke cough giggle laugh squeal etc. Like Jackybear she is a love muffin. She dances a lot, her fav songs to dance too include such all time classics as “I love aeroplane jelly” “row row row your boat” and “happy little vegemite”  Bellabirdy crawls properly and scoots around faster than her brother but is all too often side tracked on the way by highly desirable tid bits like, oh i don’t know a speck of dust so more often than not, she gets to the toy/treat/lap/whatever long after Jacky has claimed it as his own. So far there haven’t been any accidents with missymoo. She is very careful and is our plotter and thinker.  she watches everything and doesn’t attempt anything until one day suddenly she’s crawling properly or sitting up on her own she never ceases to amaze us.  Her vocab is probably twice what her brothers is.  Again she’s hilarious they’ll be on their way somewhere important like under the kitchen table.  Jacky will cut her off or crawl over her or something like that, she’ll catch up with him (eventually) get right up in his face and tell him off.  No idea what she’s saying but the volume and the tone are unmistakable. he’s getting told then she’s all smiles and giggles and life resumes for her.  Bellabirdys tooth count is the same as Jackys only she has two bottom and three and a half top teeth.  Our little girl is all girl while her weight is 11kilo she’s not at all boofy or chubby looking just nicely rounded out she too is at the 95%tile for age.  Her eyes are a beautiful blue and oh boy does daddy melt when she turns them his way.

Not a day or hour goes by that I don’t thank the holy green jellybean for these two blobbies.  Other than for language skills we no longer adjust their ages and haven’t done so for some time now.  I so miss the tiny itty bitty bubbas that they were but I can honestly say each stage brings with it more fun and enjoyment and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Happy Birthday my beautiful birdybears.


3 responses to “Blobbie Birthday #1

  1. Well Happy Birthday, Blobbies!! Happy Birth Day, Jen.

    Have we lost any socks yet? Let me know when you need more!

  2. I can’t believe they’re one. But I know what you mean, I wouldn’t go backwards (while not for anything longer than 1/2 an hour or so). I still feel like that about my son and he’s almost 9 (ahem… I still do have some of his baby clothes and always will but then my mom still has a couple of my outfits and that’s about 46 years so I guess it runs in the family).
    What about more pictures?? I do love the one you sent but really, must you be so tight with pictures of the wee ones?
    Sigh… your bubs probably have larger vocabularies than my daughter. She is very, very speech delayed but so was her brother until around 2 and a half so we are hopeful she won’t still be grunting orders at us when she’s a teenager (or at least will grunt them in something that sounds like English).
    I’m so glad you are enjoying the blobbies (can I still call them that?)

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