purple monkey highchair

Or some title that relates to whatever I’m about to dribble out.

As we are moving interstate (join me in screaming yippeee) and leaving this arctic wilderness known not so fondly as the arsehole of the world. I’ve had to start culling my collections.

Ever make bargains with yourself? You know the kind. OK self you can have 2 xlarge vac bags for the blobbies precious can’t give away clothes and thats it. But then find yourself renegotiating that limit? OK 3 vac bags and that’s it ..final ..no more. Oh but look at this XYZ it was his favourite romper oh and these 5468410867 dozen bibs etc she looked so cute wearing see it has ladybirds and you love ladybirds.

HOW do I give this stuff away and cull down to a manageable level without breaking my own kneecaps because I can’t stick to my own self agreements?

in other news of the meh variety. we have Highchairs now and we use them they aren’t just a decoration for a dusty corner. Mind you I still heart the bumbo chairs they rock like nobodies business.
After much research and almost daily treks around various outlets trying the blobbies in so many chairs that my brain is still in denial I ended up going with the cheapest one I found.  Not for the price but because it has no bloody ruffles the seat cover comes off for easy washing and they fold up almost flat so storing them isn’t an issue.  I admit I was in love with a chair I found at one of the baby stores here, but honestly it was the same love/lust I feel at seeing shiny things in a jewelers window.  Pretty doesn’t always equate to realistic or useable. I also figure at the price these were I can ditch them without any pocket pain if we eventually find the booster seats, someone recommended (mental note to self it’s not that hard to bookmark a blog post for later referal)  so they can sit at the table that I fear may only be availabe to the USA crowd, sucks honestly sucks to see all these things and know there is a fat chance of ever getting them here.  What is available here that I’ve seen is shit.

picture of the day. = Jackyboy has taken to crawling over bellabird whenever he gets a chance, just lately he’s taken to laying over her so he can play with whatever has caught his eye. Note the messy floor? yeah I can see it too, but meh babies make mess it’s what they do.

oomph get off me

oomph get off me


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