9 months

Somehow we made it to 9months wonders never cease. nor I imagine, will your amazement that I’ve actually got off my arse and posted an update.
Both blobbies have 4 teeth, both eat well sleep well play reasonably well and I’m busier than ever, trying to find new things for them to eat/do/experience.
The incredible thing I almost spoke about last time didn’t follow thru but that’s ok I have everything I need and more than I could ever have imagined having. life is still bloody good.

Just a little light reading before lunch

life is just so freaking good when you can bounce

look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy

damn that hypnosleep talk really works.

but wait theres more, for my next trick I need you to set me free

because my lovely assistant is sleeping on the job


3 responses to “9 months

  1. Oh Damn but they’re cute.
    So if I wasn’t so attached to my daughter I’d trade – she still doesn’t sleep worth a damn. I’m functioning (or maybe that’s not functioning) on about 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours of interrupted sleep a night. She doesn’t nap worth a damn either. Good thing she’s cute or I’d have had enough.
    Between the sleep dep., commuting, juggling the kids and having to lecture for a few hours a day I’m burnt out, seriously. My work load decreases substantially in another 3 weeks so perhaps I will make it but it’s going to be close. Did I mention she had some stomach virus last week and we spent two nights continuously changing her crib, our bed, all our clothes and sponging up the floor and walls?
    Tell me the end of June is soon, please?
    Damn, they’re cute. Too bad they’ll end up with that weird Aussie accent.

    • i hear what your sayin about the accent, but it could be worse ya know. they could end up with that whacko canadian accent. *shudder*

      the blobbies are damn cute and it’s a bloody good thing too. When they tag team the screaming it helps keep them breathing.

      I don’t know how you do it on so little sleep honestly i get a good 8 hours a night and by bed time i’m totally stuffed and ready for a nice long coma well a week would be nice.

      Why for your work load decreasing? you didn’t lease out your hubby for month did you? if you did mind sending me a copy of the agreement i’m about ready to lease out hairy for oh I dont know a freaking long time, or at least until he learns not to bloody rev the blobbies up 10mins before bed time. stupid penis haver!

      more news from you would be good, seeing as how you got nothing to do and plenty of time to do it in.

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