better late than never I guess

Mothers day came and went with little fanfare in this part of the world. Oh we enjoyed it, we even went so far as to *get out of the house* and have a picnic. The weather was shit it was cold and drizzly for much of the day but hey I’ll take that over any one of the years of perfect temps blue skies and empty arms.

On a whole we don’t go in much for the commercial gift giving thing, but this year I got something incredible. What having the blobbies isn’t incredible enough? oh it is trust me it is but I also got a gift. No photos or blogging about it just yet since for now it remains one of those warm secrets you hold close without saying a word lest it be spoilt and lose it’s shine.

I’m not going to say I’m a bad blogger because lets face facts I SUCK at blogging, really can’t be arsed to spend the few minutes I get to myself during the day to sit here and type away what amounts to drivel to everyone but me.

Blobbie news, Isabella and Jack are now the proud owners of chompers, these bastid teeth have played hell with them. They are the kind that go up almost break thru and then resume their place under the gum line. Now however the blobbies are sporting pearly white finger mashers Bellabirdy has 2 bottoms ones and Jackyboy has 2 bottoms and I think 1 top one on it’s way.

Jack is commando crawling with a vengence now he’s unstoppable or would be if he could work out how to get over objects I place lovingly in his way to prevent him from you know playing with the wall  heater n stuff. Bella is well she’s a queen she can do the commando crawl with almost as much ease as Jack but she prefers to lay on her belly doing an impersonation of a sky diver and demand to be moved. LOUDLY demands to be moved. Oh wait it wasn’t the pink bouncer, the blue rocker, the jumperoo or the jolly jumper you wanted? no? it was to rest your head on the blue teddy? why didn’t you say so!

The monday after m’day we had to let our old man beej go. God that was hard, for so long he hung in there and even “appeared” to put on weight but reality was vastly different. It wasn’t weight he gained but gut rotting growths. Hairy was and is beyond sad. I wish I could have gone with him to the vets but it wasn’t to be.

Last bit of news, the blobbies have colds. Oh yeah I did the unthinkable I spoke out loud too soon. What I thought was a cold was only the lead in, as sick as they are they are still happy little munchkins for the most part. There I go again tempting fate. Is it wrong that I don’t mind they are sick and only want cuddles? I don’t want them sick but man I’m loving me some blobbie cuddle time.

hmm think thats it for news from my side of the world. thrilling stuff huh! oh yeah and we’re moving several states away from here later this year for sure. spose I should start thinking of getting rid of stuff so it isn’t a mad rush later but meh I need a few more hours of blobbie cuddling today.

Mother's Day Pic


One response to “better late than never I guess

  1. Oh good lord they’re cute – I have exactly 2.07 seconds before I have to head out the door to get my son but I will try to remember to come back tomorrow as I need to find out about the incredible present –
    I’m so sorry about the beej -I know this doesn’t cut it but I’m down to 0.01 seconds.

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