Keeping cool

In the midst of a heatwave what better way to cool off and guzzle down a feed is there?





relax people all care was taken that they didn’t drink the bathwater or try their pudgy little hands at snorkeling.


3 responses to “Keeping cool

  1. That is adorable!

    Sadly, my first thought was “I wonder if Erin would drink milk if I let her float in the bath…” The answer of course would be an astounding “no”.

  2. I read from OvaGirl about how awful the heat is, looks like a fantastic idea to me, I’m sure the babies appreciated it.

  3. Snort… damn but they’re cute Jen. The goods though, does bellablob really have little elf ears? And is doodyblob as bald as he looks (which reminds me of my son until around age one and a half)?
    I have no sympathy… none for your weather. We still have huge snow drifts and more in the forecast. The bath pictures just look cold to me.
    Damn… who knew Hairy was hairy?

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