what did you do yesterday?

I’m heartily sick of people asking what i do all day, or worse asking if I’m bored being at home. So in the interestes of  “fuck you”  here is a sample day. Yesterday to be exact. and in no precise order.

5 Hours feeding the babies

4 Hours spent with babes in arms be it rocking/soothing/reading dr seus but with an arm full of wiggly baby-goodness

1 Hour floor time split into roughly 15min stretches with tummy time etc. yes i’m on the floor too lazy cow that i am.

2 Hours washing / prepping and making the bottles sterilising various baby goods.

2 Hours washing/drying/sorting/folding laundry

1 Hour cooking and scoffing big people dinner

1 Hour house cleaning floor washing picking up toys etc.

30mins shower split over morning/evening showering includes teeth brushing etc.

5 Hours sleeping why i put this in the middle of the day is beyond me but it’s how my mind is working so just go with it.

30mins on the phone with various doctors offices and friends.

30minutes net time bill paying and reading a blog or two.

2 Hours (split) time spent with Hairy talking catching up, reading,tv. this includes bathing the babies current events go so much better when you’re being pee’d on by a soapy bubba.

30mins trying to remind myself that this too shall pass and looking for things i’ve lost, my mind not being found, I settled on seeking out the hiding spot for lost socks, eyedrops, nasal drops, lost dummies (pacis) and just about anything i thought i needed and couldn’t find.

That is a fairly typical day, bored? I know it’s tres exciting huh, but i’m not, i don’t have time to be bored. If i could have one wish it’d be for an extra 2 hours per day to just be by myself. I can’t remember what it was like to watched a whole tv episode in one go or omg soak in a bath,  because no matter what I’m doing a little person is or will be demanding attention. I wouldn’t swap my life now, I’m loving it just sometimes ya know …. time… lack of… it does impact on moods.

next week i’m going to schedule in time to shave my legs woohoo i live on the edge!


2 responses to “what did you do yesterday?

  1. What? You mean you actually look after children with your day? Clearly you’re doing it wrong! Did you hear? We’re supposed to watch TV and eat bon bons all day. Okay so I don’t really know what bon bons are but apparently they’re quite tastey. I wonder if they’re cake.

  2. LOL, I can relate! Esp. to the scheduled leg-shaving. May as well be 7 months pregnant in terms of personal grooming. Really should have used some of that childfree time and money to get laser hair removal!

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