well hello 09

so much for my assertion that i can indeed write here once a week. oh how i kid.

not long after my last post I headed north for the christmas season. that was fun it was HUGE fun watching the terror in peoples faces as we approached the various boarding gates. that fear that screams so loudly ” oh please gawd don’t sit next to me” but as luck would have it, we ended up with 2 rows of seats on all flights. handy, the blobbies could stretch out across 2 seats each and sleep. they did amazingly well. feed at take off sleep 3 hours wake to watch a little inflight entertainment feed to land.

and now it’ s 2009 seems like only last week it was the start of 08 and i was gearing up for our donor egg cycle. panicking about accommodation and B getting to the clinic in time for his aspiration. I did however get to enjoy my first hit of valium the day L went in for pickup. can’t say it was brilliant but it did calm me down a little. I’m not going to relive all of 08, my pregnancy was hard and high risk nuff said. the end result is currently sleeping (cough more like being quiet) in their cots after feasting on warm milk for  brekky. so all is well that ends well hey.

I have no new years resos the baby weight i’m carrying is for now fine by me. I’d like to lose it but not at the expense of spending a fortune at a gym. going for walks with the blobbies may work hell they are heavy buggers to push uphill. but if it doesn’t no biggy.

I don’t have a hell of a lot to talk about christmas was great, being away from home was great, the blobbies are fantastically great, life is moving along quite nicely without my constant supervision (who knew?)

I want more blobbies holy cow i would have a paddock full of them if it were possible, I’m currently convincing myself that the doctors are right having another pg is not for me. but man i look at two  blue eyed blobbies growing ever more alert and interactive and i want to bonsai them, keep them small and needing me. i don’t want them to grow up, as much as i love seeing their growth spurts and milestones reached i want them to stay tiny. they are now in 00 size a far cry from the 000000 (that is 6×0) onsies we brought them home in.

doodyblob is weighing in at a respectful 7kilo and bellablob is not far behind at 6.2kilo. both are long babes and even at actual age are sitting at 50% with adjusted age whacking them up into the 98% and 95%s they are perfect, more than perfect they are blobbie!

sleep has resolved itself for the most part with days being spent pretty much awake aside from a cat nap or two after a feed and nights being asleep at 8pm and waking for a feed at 7am. dont get cranky they still wake for dummy (pacfi) replacements etc. so it’s not a solid sleep by any stretch

They have cut out 2 feeds the 11pm and the 3am, so are only getting 4 feeds a day but lets just say they are big feeds maxing out the bottles. i did spend time fretting about this are they not getting enough to eat? should i try and force them into more feeds a day? then i thought fuck it they’d not sleep if they were hungry and they are growing so well it’s not an issue.

Saw our doc last week and he’s pushing us to start the blobbies on solids apparently they are ready … um hello… I’M not ready, not ready to give up the tiny bubba stage but i’m slowly coming to terms that this isn’t about me and never was. Seems to be a strong swing into starting solids at 4months again no longer waiting until 6 months. why? i can rationalise it when it comes to others when the bubs is ready so bit but, but, but, for me i’m having a hard time, so come the end of the month we’ll introduce rice cereal by then they’ll be over their 4mth shots (yup we’re late again i play the premmie card all the time).

and my time is up bellablob is demanding a change of scenery so into the swing she’ll go

hope you all had a great festive season and a great new years.

santa-blobbiesquick end note, see my serious little doodyblob?  guess what pressie he was leaving santa with as this pic was taken….

PS. i don’t have any email addys since i redid this computer  so anti up ladies, email me at jenstoy at gmail. com *sigh* yes that means you too dino.


3 responses to “well hello 09

  1. Jen,

    Good to hear from you, it sounds like the blobbies are doing amazingly well and they are so cute!

    Re the feeding, your doc is not right. The WHO recommendation which is based on lots of scientific research, says wait til 6 months. Formula/breast milk are balanced foods so they simply don’t need anything else til long after 6 months, and for many babies (and you cant tell which by looking at them nor by those ‘signs’ like them reaching for food – they reach for anything!) their gut is not ready to digest solid food until 6 months. Rice cereal has no more calories than formula/breastmilk, so it doesn’t do any good that way either. Starting earlier MAY do no harm but you won’t know for sure until they are in their 20s and you know for sure if they’ve developed coeliac disease or similar. Much easier to just wait those 2 extra months and let them do it when they are really ready. Even more reason to wait because they are preemies and so more prone to food/texture issues and digestive issues. Really the official recommendation would be to wait until 6 months adjusted.

    There you go, a parenting point on which I feel strongly. Go figure. Happy to send you some references if you want to do a bit of research yourself.

  2. Hey girl

    I agree with most of what Thalia said (not everything because you know I’m just like that).

    Over here the recommendation is to wait for 6 months and then to start just so that the blobbies get used to textures, tastes, swallowing something a little more solid etc. When our daughter absolutely refused to take anything from a spoon (at just over 6 months) our doctor told us just to try her with low salt crackers as it wasn’t to round out her diet but just to introduce solids so that she wouldn’t still be exclusively breast feeding when she was 9 (which is always a concern, right?)

    I don’t think introducing rice early is likely to have any bad results but there just isn’t any real reason to do it. Of course back in the day we were all force fed like crazy from some early age – my hubbies baby book lists lamb, beef and chicken as some of his favourite foods at age 2 months – it still boggles my mind.

    The picture is wonderful, I can’t believe they’re actually yours (ah… not like you shouldn’t have them or anything).

    Anyway, no ponying up the email until you at least have the courtesy of remarking on all the snow pictures I posted. I still can’t get the stroller past the end of the street and the drifts are still a few feet high along the driveway. Send help please.


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