the ever popular

Sleep post. What can I say other than 2 steps forward twelvety million steps back. Ok it aint so bad *cough choke splutter* i call bullshit! it’s murder. Lack of sleep is not fun.

This last week tho hasn’t been all murder and CSI episodes oh no. We’ve had 3 nights of both blobbies sleeping through from 11pm until 7am. party you say? pffft I’m still awake at 3am waiting for them to wake up. tonight, oh fuck it I’ll tell the whole truth, from 2pm today little miss mightyvoice has been screaming/crying/shreiking like a banshee it’s now 12:53am and she’s just….. just… stopped. not that she’s asleep oh fuck no that would be cause for a celebration. nope she’s laying in her cot (finally first time today) with her dummy (paci) plotting out her next torture routine.

Why does she do this? she’s not hungry, she’s not ill, she’s not in pain so what gives? Jackyboy sleeps like the proverbial dream baby, only waking to smile coo eat and have a short play session.  Isascreamer however is doing my head in. I love her fiercely but oh man she is high maintenance and she’s only 3.5 months old.

Hairy took her for a drive tonight,  my ears almost stopped ringing when they returned a 1 hour drive didn’t stop her nothing will… whyyyyyy


2 responses to “the ever popular

  1. Will you kill me if I tell you that I am giggling and chortling right now? Snicker, snicker.
    My little miss didn’t sleep for 8 hours straight until a few months ago (and she’s almost one and a half now). She didn’t ever sleep for longer then 3 hours a time until she was over one. I honestly don’t remember a lot of the first 6 months with her as I spent 23.99 hours a day trying to keep her happy but it generally worked. I am, however, still bitter about all the people who said things like “what a contented baby”.
    I guess I could do it as I only had one – if she’d been part of a twin set she would have spent a lot of time shouting, shouting, SHOUTING.
    Hang in there Jen, it does eventually get better but I hear you on the sleep dep. thing – ocassionally is fine but a steady diet is almost too much to bear – you know it actually can be used as torture, right? Not that the female blobbie would actually plot such a thing – contrary to your belief.
    Sorry I’m rambling – we are all a little under the weather and my female blobbie had me up at 5 this morning so I’m tired.

  2. I feel for you! No advice, just commiseration.

    I am sick of hearing “sleep when the baby sleeps” — note the singular “baby” in that cliche.

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