time flies when you’re…

so many things, up to your armpits in pint sized clothing. sleep deprived. realising that it’s been a month since the last leg harvest session, having the time of your life getting to know 2 wonderful little people. I like the last one the most. Now for my real thoughts.

Blogging, I used to get annoyed when someone I followed fell off the face of the blogosphere when they hit the jackpot. Now I understand why they did. Time isn’t my friend the rare snippets of time I get to myself I either shower, harvest the latest leg crop or catch up on blogs via bloglines.  Sorry I don’t comment as often as I’d like too  I have soooo many posts  marked keep new, for later commenting that it’s getting a tad ridiculous in there. I also feel bad for 2 other things, 1st if you password your pages I don’t visit, no time to click over remember a password read and comment, tho I’m sure you live quite happily without my imput 🙂 2nd My beautiful blog is feeling neglected I have dozens of posts floating around in my head but again lack of time means they stay as  floaters. I can’t do much about the first thing but I can do something about the 2nd, I have set a new goal for myself, 1 post a week 2 if I get extra time. oh I kill me!

Blobbies, are perfection personified. they are now 13.5 weeks old (or if you prefer 1month adjusted) I marvel at these little people every day. they are now smiling and starting to laugh. They crack me up. My life is so much sweeter for their presence in it. Even now when they are feeling the effects of their vaccinations in a not so pleasant way, I adore how they hold onto me and find a smile amidst the tears just for me. ok and for hairy too but that doesn’t count coz he’s holding the smiler at the time.

Blogosphere and my place in it. A funny thought came to me a couple of days ago when I was composing a post in my head, during a late night feed, where do I fit in? I’m not cycling or intending too (oh how I wish I could have more blobbies tho) I’m not really a mommy/mummy blog yet and many of the other DE blogs out there just annoy me stupid (thats a whole post just there) so where do I fit in? I’m having an issue trying to define this blog, should it keep going and I’d like it too, I need to work that out.

Balls. about sums it up, my mini break is over and it’s time to get the blobbies up and fed.


3 responses to “time flies when you’re…

  1. Amazing… amazing… you actually are still here (or there.. whatever).
    You want more blobbies too eh? If I could convince my husband or forget about how bad the last pregnancy was, I’d be thawing a few of my frozen ones in the off chance.
    Yes, you still need to blog – there are so few out there that I follow any more. Or do you need a following larger than one? I am fairly large all on my own (still working on losing the weight).
    I’m starting to talk again (maybe this is a bad thing, I’m not sure).
    Take care and hugs and kisses to the blobbies (and they’re already smiling,…. not bad Jen, not bad at all).

  2. You have 2 followers!!!

    You already know how happy i am for you.

    Love L

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog — I will try your feeding suggestion.

    This is a crazy time — hope we both get through it!

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