Disjointed drivel

ahhhh to have a net connection that works is there anything better? well yeah there are plenty of things better and i have two of them sleeping in their room right now.

Along with the new net connection that isn’t dial up that goes at the speed of a snail on ludes and refuses to send emails or load even my google start page there have been a lot of happenings around here. what to burble about first?

The blobbies are doing great, both are gaining weight and doing all the things tiny bubbas do, ie pooping eating and sleeping. They amaze me, I find myself looking at them sleep and I can’t help but wonder how we got so lucky. There have been nights when our girl has kept me awake all night (she has silent reflux) and i wander the house with her in my arms feeling her little chest rise and fall against mine and the tired arms and aching legs melt away and I know I wouldn’t swap a moment of this time with her. YES i wish she didn’t have to go thru this but in every other way she is beyond perfect. Our boy is the opposite of her, he sleeps deep the lil chunky monkey eats in his sleep, ok he’s awake but he’s happy to snooze between burps. he is so so blonde it’s hard to get a pic of him where he doesnt look bald.

They have their check up this week coming with our pead, I’m not worried at all, hell i always gnaw my fingers to the bone. Up until thursday I didn’t have a single concern with them having been prems, not a one as they are growing and meeting all targets so why spoil my time with them worrying about things that may not come to pass? but then a letter arrived our boy has an appointment with the pead eye specialist at the end of the month since he was on cpap for 24 hours and 4 days of antibiotics they want to make sure it hasn’t affected his vision. Now see! exactly! you just know i’m obsessing about it. i look into his blue eyes and try to figure out if he can see me, i try to make him track a toy which is hit and miss and yes i know he’s young so i can’t use that as a guide. my boy is perfect.

They fill my heart to bursting all those years and all the heartache that came before has been worth it.

Embryos, what do we do with our frosties? since the blobbies came home a couple of weeks ago, I’ve thought long and hard about what to do with the ones on ice. I want to donate them Hairy wants to donate them, so we’ll donate them to another couple. But to who? neither of us feels the need to be an active participant in the lives of any children that may be born and don’t want to be a part of that/those lives. but we want to know they will have a good home with good parents and (this is the important bit) that the kids know they are from donor embryo, because they will have full siblings out here and there are a ton of issues that brings with it, not nec bad issues but who knows what the future will bring hey.

Moving, has been hell we still havn’t unpacked, hell we have more important things to occupy our time. I just wish there was an unpacking fairy that would unpack my clothes and dig out my in between size ones so i have more to wear than the handful of pg clothes that sorta pass for lose summery shit.

A big shock came yesterday when i realised (yeah i’m slow) there isn’t a bookcase here, thats a min of 6 packing crates i don’t have to unpack but where do i store them? I love me some book. i have read them all some more than twice but i can’t quite bear to part with them, sorta wonder if i toss some moth balls into the boxes will that protect them enough if i put them in the garage?

speaking of clothes i have to pack up my maternity stuff and do something with it i wont be wearing it again. some still have tags on them, like the mat bras i bought and havn’t been able to use since my milk never came in properly (even with the aide of drugs i only ever got a max of 50-60mls a day) naturally i didn’t keep receipts so can’t exchange and since i got huger than huge i have a range of sizes heres a clue, i had to get size 24 shirts in the last month just to fit over my belly and let me be pseudo decent for trips to the doc.

well feeding time at the zoo has arrived so i’m out of here to go work out who can wait and who needs feeding now now NOW! my guess is Isabella she’s a tad impatient and very vocal about letting us know she is waiting and not amused good thing Jack is happy to hang out and snooze for a bit longer huh.

did i mention the blobbies are perfect?


One response to “Disjointed drivel

  1. Glad to hear the blobbies are perfect (was there ever any doubt they would be?)
    No, no, no … mothballs will not allow you to leave all your books in boxes in the garage (you heathen).
    If you find anyone (wonderful and loving) who wants frozones from a 40 and then 41 year old with 3 prior miscarriages (before the embryoes were created), let me know. I obsess about them but then I can’t imagine anyone signing up to take them on.
    Love to the blobbies who are not very bloblike anymore I’m sure.

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