not the 9’o’clock news

But way more interesting, well to me it is.

First up The Blobbies are here. Both are little stars, now taking full suck feeds and in a week or two will be allowed to come home, they arrived amid much gnashing of teeth and well ok there wasnt time to gnash teeth. emergency c-section saw them come into our world on the 27th of August at 32 weeks gestation. Since then they have progressed in leaps and bounds tomorrow sees them 3 weeks old and yesterday we got the best news ever, their NGT (nose tube for feeding) was removed… yippeeeeee my blobbies are now unmarred by tubes well except for the apnea monitors and they wont come off til home time. wanna see them? what am i saying of course you do, well wait no more here they are in all their beanie splendor. ok they are only 10 days old in this pic but what can i say it’s my fav pic of them *swoon*

picka blobbie goodness

picka blobbie goodness

More news yes i’m full of exciting stuff. We moved yayaya! finally we have a house, same day i went into labour we got the keys for this place. it’s noice needs a few updates but it’s perfect for what we want and need. only downside is we didn’t keep one single phone number everything is new and since the business also moved we killed the business lines not thinking at that time that it would also kill the mobile phones. ah well live andlearn,  i’ll just gaze at my beautiful blobbies and think fuck it dunnamadda.

oh and Dino just for you …


12 responses to “not the 9’o’clock news

  1. Oh, my dear …what great news!! And what absolutely beautifull blobbies! So glad to finally meet you guys. 🙂

    Much love and happiness to you and yours.



  2. How absolutely wonderful! Congrats on the blobbies arrival 🙂 They are both gorgeous. Glad to hear they’ll be home sooner rather than later…superstars!

    And congrats on the new home as well. Now get off that computer and go love up on them beautiful blobbies!

  3. Congratulations! They are beautiful!

  4. Congratulations!!! What a pair of cuties.

  5. Congratulations, Jen.

  6. Congratulations! They are beautiful.

  7. Oh jen I’m so fucking delighted. Welcome to the world, blobbies. You are gorgeous.

  8. hope you received my email although it’s no great loss if you didn’t. I do recall saying an appropriate congratulations and that your kids are beautiful (but then I expected no less).
    I keep clicking back to check out the picture – I simply can’t call them the blobbies anymore – they’re too cute for that.
    I hope things are going well and I am becoming resigned to never hearing from you again (not until they hit grade school or grad school).

  9. Congratulations! What sweet little snugglers you have.
    Best wishes to everyone!

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