Still breathing still dancing

tho I must admit it’s not exactly comfortable. back to that later.

The blobs are doing great, the nifi is keeping the contractions to a minimum now that we’ve doubled the dose and my ob has re-reviewed his opinion and thinks we’ll breeze in my first real hurdle of 26 weeks. Instead he’s thinking we’ll go past 30, music to my ears! how much past remains to be seen but hey I’ll take every extra day i can.

The old cervix well she’s doing good too holding tight with no change from last week. if i could I’d do a jig but hey i get puffed having a shower so the chances of me doing anything so energetic is slim to none.

Had to snortle was updating doc on the new and wonderful side effects I’ve been having, all are normal. when he pipes up with, “oh the nifi may cause your hands and feet to swell”. um hello still carrying around an extra 10 kilo of fluid from the start of this pregnancy aint no way I’m going to notice a little extra extremity swelling.

I’ve read volumes on pregnancy what to expect when to expect it all that good stuff, what none of the books tell you is the indignities that go along with every extra month gained. my newest can’t do for myself is, cutting my toenails. Hairy has been great and shaves my legs etc now he’s put to work trimming the footal claws too. I feel for him i really do, poor bastid does it all with good grace too, i highly doubt i’d be so pleasant about it if roles were reversed.

So thats my update another week down 8 more to go (8 being my magic number if i can get to there who knows how far i can go)


6 responses to “Still breathing still dancing

  1. Have to giggle about the toenails, legs, and Hairy. Now there’s a man who loves his woman.


    Yes, Jen, sorry to say other “surprises” await you. I actually was a bit miffed that no one told me certain things. heh If you haven’t already, check out: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy: Or everything your doctor won’t tell you by Vicki Iovine (Amazon). Funny as well as enlightening.

    Good news on the blob-front.



  2. Glad you aren’t retaining any water (that can really be a drag) and that your Dr. thinks you’ll make 42 weeks.

    So how is the weather in Kiev anyway?

    Please visit my blog at


  3. *cough splutter choke* bwhahahhahaha fuck you’re a dag DinoD. it’s nice to see you got the snot green avatar today.

    Shelley i haven’t read that book the title has always put me off as being a bit too perkyturdish iykwim. but i’ll wander off with my incredible bulk and have a looksee thanky for the suggestion.

  4. Hi – I’m here via Shelley over at Mager Madness… best of luck to you during these next 8 weeks!

  5. really glad to hear the blobs are sticking around a bit longer in there. Whats happening with the fluid situation?

  6. How’s it shakin’ Jenn? How are our Blobs?

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