Not so great

Friday I went off to see my Ob, contractions had started. I wasn’t overly worried I know from reading online that twins tend to set the pace a little early on that score. I did get Nifedipine which is meant to conteract the contractions. I’m in wait and see mode there just quietly.

The not so great news is that it appears I have Polyhydramnios (hydrops) this is excess amniotic fluid. A lot of multiples have this but never one to merely stick to the norm, I’ve got it bad and it’s affecting both blobs. PTL and PPROM are the most likely outcomes at this stage.

I have an appointment on thursday for an indepth scan to see whats going on, depending on the finding I’ll be having the excess removed (similar process to having an amnio for testing purposes)

Not up to writing more I have to go back to bed and get horizontal again, just wanted to get this up so that next time i’m up and about I can add the common causes / outcomes etc.


6 responses to “Not so great

  1. Love and kisses to the blobs (yes, I know exactly how weird this sounds). Hang in there Jen – I have sent you another email (lucky you) but I understand the silence of bedrest – just take care of yourself and the blobs.

  2. well bollocks jen, that polyhydramnios sounds like a real bugger.
    Sounds like the blobs are doing ok so far, I hope that removing some liquid does the trick. In the meantime grow blobs grow.

  3. Glad you are doing well. I’m gearing up for a DE cycle soon.

  4. i probably wouldn’t call it doing well myself but i’m persnickety like that šŸ˜€

  5. Take care of yourself Jen. And good luck with the fluid. I’ll send good thoughts your (and the blobsey twins’) way.

  6. Worried that you haven’t posted in a week. Please update when you can. Wishing you and the babies the best.

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