More Blobbity Goodness

Today I had my OB appointment / follow up to my level II ultrasound from last week.

The blobs are going great still measuring a week ahead a piece, todays scan also showed them moving around like mini dance maniacs. Sadly i couldn’t feel a freaking thing. stupid placenta! No abnomalities were detected, i knew that as the us tech said as much but it sure was nice getting it reiterated.

Belly is now measuring at 28 weeks, i mean come on at this rate I’ll be measuring 12 months at 8 months gestation.  I have Placenta Praevia but meh I knew that too I got the talk of what to look out for and what not to do rather boring really as if we are having sex anyway!. so really no real new news

My Doc is happy with how things are going and bless his funny shirts, he prescribed me some cough medicine, praise that man! My cough is awful I have more torn and aching muscles now than I’ve had in total over my entire life.

Hairy got the good view of the scan today, the screen was a little too off center for me to get a great looksee, which i’m bummed about. Blob B (boy) was a star apparently and gave up a number of really good positions along with a full skeletal view and a real nice between the legs look so Hairy could actually make out the boy bits instead of just nodding and pretending he knew what he was looking at. Blob A (girl) was too busy dancing around and kicking shit out of my bladder to give a good shot, I wish i could feel them I only feel them if they are up high and then only as a faint touch  once every  few days if i’m  really lucky.

So  thats it everything is normal still. now if only this cold would leave me in peace i’d be able to play online and really amuse myself instead of laying around like a bit of lint. lint is good tho.


One response to “More Blobbity Goodness

  1. I always thought lint was under-rated.
    Glad, glad, glad that things (blobs) are still going well.

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