more than blobs

I had my level II scan this morning, all is going great. The blobs weigh 299 and 296grams each. measure 4 days ahead and are perfectly normal from what the specialist could see. FHRs were 162 and 157. We got lucky again and i have to pinch myself a bit we have one male blob and one female blob. tho they really are more like teeny little people now than blobs but hey i like the term blob.

My cervix is closed and measures 3.9 (or 39 for those that use mm) and he’s happy with that so i’m happy with that!

Size wise i’m huge the blobs are both above my belly button sitting together squishy up under my sternum, no wonder some things are hard to do now like say bend over, harvest the legs etc.

All up it’s a freaking great day and both Hairy and I are stoked. Should we get to live birth stage our boy blob will be the first male for both our families thats kinda noice but hey we didn’t care what they were long as they were ok. and they are.


3 responses to “more than blobs

  1. I like “blobs” too but then my daughter’s nickname is the “peaster” which people seem to think is spelled “peester” and some people actually think it’s a really bad nickname. So in comparison, “blob” is pretty good, no?

    I am so happy for you and Hairy and yeah, anything that is healthy and only has one head is perfect (well, two heads if you count both bodies).

    Is it just me or is this comment even more confusing than usual? I think I’ll start my own COCOONMO – confusing comments only month.

    I will e-mail more news of my exciting life once some more excitement happens… okay that could be a while. I’ll e-mail once the peaster naps for longer than 10 minutes … that could be even a longer wait.

    Take care Jen and I hope the blobbies are behaving themselves (as well as Hairy and the dogs)


  2. Healthy babies — the news doesn’t get any better than that!

  3. “Harvest the legs.” you crack me up.

    Congrats Jen …on your new bod. And the healthy blobs. 🙂

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