blobbity update

Had my monthly OB appointment this morning, all is well in the ute tho it is measuring 4 weeks ahead still. Now well above my belly button,  i’m assuming thats due to being knocked up with twins?

The blobbies performed to their finest levels during the ultrasound. They measure exactly to date, their length is perfect, their FHR is perfect, he said they are perfectly normal. And here’s a biggy my cervix is perfect! Oooh sweet music to my ears. We did ask if he could check and see if either would show the goods and gender be decided, he did his best and spent ages poking prodding and pummeling my abdomen until he said “Well Jen my best guess is one of each don’t bank on it there can always be a surprise, but I’m pretty confident. The Level II U/S will tell”.

Oh this was interesting, I’ve been thinking I can feel lefty for a little while now ( i stress a little while) well turns out, that is what i’m feeling, movement being felt and seen simu on the u/s screen is incredible. Go lefty! Righty was kicking like a champ only poor sod is under his placenta so i don’t feel him yet.

So thats it blobbies are grooving along nicely, level II in 3 weeks and a possible gender answer. I’m happy as a pig in shit. those words everything is perfectly normal sounded soooooooo good, after so many years of ivf disappointment not ever getting pg, here i am thrilled beyond words to know finally something about me is normal.


3 responses to “blobbity update

  1. May I just say that I’m happy you’re happy as a pig in shit (and you have such a refined and beautiful way with words).

  2. it’s a trade off, occasional use of punctuation and capital letters vs refined and elegant phrasing. guess which i chose :o)

  3. Congratulations hun that is brillant news!!

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