A bit of everything

Ahhhh a fresh new category, more pristineness be still my raging horrormones.

Well my old clunker computer died and with it went all my vitally important stuff, you know like emails, favourite websites to wander around in oh and a million and one note pad notes all detailing the incredible crap that make up my life. Sadly tho I also lost my draft post on donor egg cycle. I’ll work it up again but freaking hell it took me ages to get it to a point where I was almost happy with it. Hence the new category while I redo my lost post I need to post something or there isn’t any point to blogging.

I hired a doppler, my favourite new toy. Probably only use it every couple of days but it’s worth it’s weight in gold. 165 and 154 seem to be the standard FHRs for the blobbies. Fundal Height is now putting me at 5 weeks ahead no wonder I have trouble fitting into my clothes huh. I’ve cleared the first tri and am now in my 15th week. I wont say the time has flown by because it hasn’t but it puts me a week closer to maybe getting somewhere with this hey.

We are car shopping again, I hate doing this we look and look we talk and ponder and get fed up with the whole deal and put it off for another time. Not that I’m by any means at ease with this pregnancy and certain of it’s outcome but it does pose an interesting problem. What size car do we get? Size is an issue and from meeting up with a girly of mine and seeing the size of her pram I’m shitting myself on just how big a boot space we need, given I’ll fill it up with other junk too. oh and I want a blue car.

The dogs are going well enough I guess, Beej the blunderbum is aging hard he’s so skinny and feeling every creaky bone in his horse sized body. I can’t help but think he wont be with us that much longer. He’s been my bubbypuppy for so long it’s not fair that animals age, tho because he is retarded (not calling him names it’s a fact) he still thinks he’s a pup, it’s like a serrated knife is stabbing my heart to watch him want to play like he used too and get to the point where he gives up for a nap. Sam the demonhound is aging too, a huge shock to notice all the grey hairs under her chin and around her neck but shes our sweety and we only make light fun of her.

With the old clunker dieing the way it did I reinstalled windows onto another computer so I can goof off while I lay around like a couch potato. With it came MSN, what a boon, I’d forgotten how much fun that thing could be. I got it updated and spent an enjoyable half a day talking and catching up with people I haven’t spoken too in eons. Worse luck since that day I haven’t had a chance to get back on but I will hell it’s more interesting that the tripe being played out on pay tv lately.

What else is news in my fuzzy world? not a hell of a lot mum is still on her shopping spree it hasn’t abated since 14dpo (yes she’s a purkyturd) only now she’s taken to sending me huge bags filled with stuff. It’s lovely and I appreciate it  but part of me is screaming  that it’s too soon things can easily go tits up and then what? i’ll have a house full of baby gear and  i’m not into dolls to use them on/with.

I’m trying to get my sewing room reorganised it turned into a dumping ground for “stuff” my stuff, Hairy’s stuff, baby stuff, just stuff. I can’t move in there and I want my space back!!! I also need to get rid of one of my cutting tables so I can put a bed in there for when mum comes to visit. plerch I don’t really want to get rid of my lovely tables but I guess i have too. If this is growing up it SUCKS.

Thats bout it I think. I have finally gained a kilo which means I’m probably stuck with the fluid for the rest of this pg, It worries me what implications there are to my health and the health of the blobs given I can’t walk around the block without stopping a few times because my ankles feel like they are breaking.  I have an appointment with my ob coming up can’t come soon enough I need to see the blobs and soon, the doppler is great but there is still the worry when I get a slow reading because one of them is hiding or it takes me what feels like hours to locate them.

ahhh well it’s all good really I’m still just so bloody thankful to be able to worry about heartbeats and ankles that the smaller shit isn’t touching me …….. yet


One response to “A bit of everything

  1. Glad the blobies are still doing well. I like your mom – if I could I’d send her an e-mail supporting her forays into all things baby. I know, I know but you have to appreciate her optimism, no?
    Can’t you simply find a new house with another 5000 or so square feet? Ha-ha, suck it up baby.
    DinoD (raving but saner then I sound… I think)

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