NT Scan

It’s been a couple of weeks so here i am to update this blog.

We had our NT scan today, talk about stress levels they went through the roof. I couldn’t sleep last night i was so worried we’d have our scan and see a huge number on one or both of the blobs. Or my worst fear no heartbeats detected, i’ve grown attached to the blobbies, anyway instead of my gloom and doom predictions we had great scan readings wooohooo! Both blobbies measure 12 weeks 1 day so are 1 day ahead of schedule. was kinda cool ok really cool to see the miniature people they actually look almost human *gasp* , the scan was really thorough and we watched delighted as twin b kicked twin a in the head a few times.

Now never one to let myself get too excited i then promptly went on to stress out about the blood results. Our appointment with our OB was for straight after the scan, so we went and had a coffee first. Hey a girl has to get worked up in style. OK fine it was my delaying tactic and it worked. however by the time we wandered into the obs office it was empty. praise the great jelly bean no preg bellies being rubbed in the waiting room.

So in we go. I had my blood pressure taken, last time it was 140/90 today it was 120/80. not sure what happened there, maybe i didn’t work up enough stress this week? Then onto the important stuff. Risk of Downs and other Trisomies both babes were in the1 in  21/39000 range for all the tris except Downs that was at 980 for twin b and twin a 688. We’re happy with that, the Ob is happy with that, the lab is happy with that, the geneticist is happy with that.
So NO CVS or Amnio for me!!! and more importantly i’ll say it again we are happy with that.

I had a cervix check while there, it’s looking good no change from last time and i now have 4 weeks to stress and worry my way through until our next OBs appointment.

I can officially say we’re pregnant now and not duck for cover from a purpose built lightening bolt.

next up my post about using Donor Eggs. see if i write it here i have to finish it and hit publish otherwise i’ll just never get around to finishing it.


4 responses to “NT Scan

  1. Oh that’s fantastic Jen. I still have difficulty wrapping my mind around the fact that you have TWINS (or will have twins but now have two blobbies or whatever)!
    Have you sent for the maternity thingamabob or was I supposed to do that or what the heck is going on?
    And.. and… I now eat my Kiwis with the skin on – and so I now eat a lot more as I don’t have to peel them. Thank-you for the heads up oh enlightened one.

  2. crap you didn’t get my email from the sounds of it. will resend when i’m back on the old clunker machine.

    Kiwi fruit with the skin on is bloody yummy told ya hey, but wtg girl all those extra vitamins

  3. WONDERFUL news! I am glad you posted your new site. I don’t want to lose hearing about you and this little miracle!!!

  4. LOL @ you laughing at you blobbies kicking each other already! Jen so glad everything is going well for you all.

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