So i had my 10 week ultrasound the other day, I did my usual panic about finding out it was only going to be bad news. but lo and behold only good news was to be had. BlobA measured 10weeks BlobB measured 10weeks 1 day. I’m rather happy with that result both were moving around a la Will Smith. Both heartbeats were great what more could a girl want?

WELL good news seems somehow i don’t know strange to take, so being my crafty self I arrived home and promptly set about checking out the US pics the doc gave us. BlobB is your sac too small? it looks at least half the size of BlobAs sac and rather well rather squishy. Does this spell doom? Probably not but  can you spell P.A.R.A.N.O.I.A? I sure as hell can.

I know in my head if something were amiss with the sac size I’d have been told at the time of the ultrasound instead I got released from my RE. yes a moments silence is a great idea.

So thats it I’ve been dumped by my most favourite person ever my faithful RE, the one person i could count on to be there for me has decided i’m no longer his #1.  I bet it was that blonde bitch in the waiting room i bet she has sidled up to him, she of the miniskirt and non drug affected figure! the bitch.  I hope she gets the cold gel.

Next appointment on the 9th for my NT scan and discussion with my OB. how strange does it feel to say “my OB” like i have a right to use one?

Other than that I’m happy still sick all day, still puffy with fluid from that bizarre *OHSS*but happy. now what to obsess about? did i feel a weird twinge just then?

* must remember to write that up sometime.


2 responses to “squishy

  1. Fabulous – may you be sick for several more weeks. Of course you’re paranoid – it’s Jen the anti-perk.
    I wonder what would happen if my hyphen stopped working?
    Off tomorrow to the belly-bra store – you’ll hear from me.

  2. i’m guessing the use of the hyphen, like the use of capital letters prevents your head from exploding. i’m of a different race hence my need not to conform to correct english procedures.

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