buckle up

well well well, never let it be said i’m overly perky in fact i’m far from perky. It’s 5.30am and I’m killing time right now waiting for my RE’s office to open so I can call up and see if I can get in for a scan.

I knew everything was going way too well. I started spotting yesterday morning but a nasty bout of m/sickness kicked my arse and I spent the day in bed being miserable, end result I didn’t do anything about the spotting or finding out if i could get in to see my doc. But it’s now today and the bloody smears have continued only now it’s red and just “there” no straining required just wipe and voila.  i need to know if these blobs are ok or if they karked it sometime since the last scan.

Part of me doesn’t want to go and find out this crazy ride is over but the other part of me the larger more needy part NEEDS to know. So find out I will
I’m 9 weeks this wednesday  is it so much to ask that sooner rather than later drama gives me a wide berth and leaves me alone?


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