Fancy meeting you here

Of all the gin joints in all the world, you walked into mine.

Ok I don’t drink gin, well I used too I loved a good G&T with a lime wedge. But those days are gone for awhile.

I like my new blog, i like the colours and i like how pristine it is, untouched by rant/drama/sadness and of course joy. So far only I know it exists and there is something about that that gives a small thrill. I can say what i want, when i want and if anyone is offended it’s only me and i know where the back button is.

So what brings me here, well i blame DinoD for that, and if you find your way here i suggest you blame her too. NO warnings are going to be posted here i did decide that much. I’m knocked up and hope to remain this way for oh 7 months give or take a few weeks.

Well thats the first post over and done with, now i just need to work out how to introduce the blobs, my insanity and all 23 of my other personalities. so much to type so little time to do it.


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